FREE - Landscape & Travel Photography Tutorial.

 Ultimate Travel and Landscape Photography Tutorial.

If you want to develop as a photographer then you have to invest a whole lot of time and effort. There is no getting around it. Things don’t happen overnight, but every time you pick up that camera and take a shot you learn something.

Perhaps the best way to develop as a photographer is to learn from others. The catch here is that, as a rule, education costs. For the most part, the expense is worth it. However, pockets only run so deep and we all still need to put food in the fridge and keep the lights on. With that being said, it is nice to know there are some resources out there that you can take advantage of.

Taylor Jackson has produced a 3+ hour video that is completely supported by YouTube ads (which makes it FREE to you). A huge amount of work has gone into producing this tutorial and took over 2 months to film in Iceland and Japan.

Table of contents

To make things simpler here is a guide to where you can find the bits you are interested in.
0:00:36: Overdramatic Intro
0:01:40: Learning to See Light and Composition
0:02:39: Important Foundational Element
0:03:22: One Tip from Manny Ortiz
0:04:23: Lenses, Cameras and Character Types
0:16:30: Gear – Other Important Items
0:26:12: Camera Modes (Manual, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority)
0:27:23: Camera Settings
0:30:18: Light – The Most Important Aspect of Photography
0:33:00: App for Golden Hour and Blue Hour
0:33:37: Shooting into a Sunset
0:36:56: Rule of 3rds, and My Take On It
0:37:55: Let Me Tell You About My Boat
0:40:59: Why I’m Shooting Less Through The Viewfinder
0:42:14: Auto Focus Modes
0:43:16: White Balance
0:44:17: Viewfinder Vs. LiveView/Monitor
0:44:36: Getting More Depth and Sharpness
0:45:28: Why Use Long Lenses in Landscapes
0:46:13: Blue Hour vs. Golden Hour
0:46:39: General Handheld Shutter Speed Rule
0:47:19: Waiting for Northern Lights in Iceland
0:47:50: When Locations Just Don’t Work
0:49:59: Showing Movement in The City / Slow Shutter Handheld
0:50:51: Frames // Interlinked
0:51:38: Natural Frames
0:55:46: Polarizing Filters
0:57:31: Mid Day Harsh Sun Photos
1:00:00: Waterfall Long Exposures in Iceland
1:00:13: LOL Whoops
1:00:29: It’s Probably a Great Transitional Scene. You’ll Never Know.
1:02:26: Very Important Japanese Toilet Content
1:03:32: Long Exposures in the City at Blue Hour
1:06:10: Times to Use a Super Wide Angle Lens
1:07:22: Long Exposures WITHOUT a Tripod
1:08:56: Shibuya Crossing, and Including People with a Super Wide
1:10:19: Ice Caves, and Complimentary Images
1:11:20: Panning and Capturing Movement
1:13:20: Rooftop City Scapes
1:15:04: Symmetry Reflections and Panoramas
1:17:20: The Element of Random – City Photography from a Moving Car
1:18:52: Photographing The Stars
1:18:24: Northern Lights Photography
1:21:38: Blue Hour City Scapes and Natural Contrast
1:23:39: Blue Hour City Long Exposures
1:26:16: Post Processing
1:26:48: Get a Tablet
1:28:49: Adobe Lightroom
1:31:03: Photo Mechanic
1:32:45: Adobe Lightroom Library View – The One Thing I Use It For
1:34:44: Adobe Lightroom Overview – All The Tools and Sliders I Use
1:41:45: Editing RAW Files From Video In Lightroom
2:20:51: Making a Long Exposure From Multiple Frames
2:29:12: Building and Editing Panoramas
2:55:12: Adobe Photoshop – The Only Thing I Use It For
3:04:49: Final Thoughts
RAW files can be found here.
Presets can be found here.

There is something for everyone and the tutorial will take you through a lot of situations you may find yourself in and features some great tips. You don’t have to venture to the ends of the earth to take advantage of this tutorial. Any place that has some meaning to you can serve as the star of your artistic endeavors. Enjoy.

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