I am happy to announce my latest release, A Warm Wind Blows.  Shot in my home town of Hervey Bay, Queensland it is a simple composition of sailing boats shot from the jetty at Scarness.  Anyone who knows my work will know that the Scarness jetty if a common target of my endeavours, not least in part because of its proximity to the Beach House Hotel, which I have been known to frequent in search of the amber nectar.

A warm wind blows by Michael Lees


I have to say, that this image is now one of my favourites. It is deceptively simple, but getting everything lined up was not easy. I think it would look pretty impressive on any wall. It is available as a framed or unframed fine art print, a canvas, an acrylic, a wood or a metal print. Which ever medium you choose is a matter of personal choice, but you can't really go wrong.  Each one will look impressive.  I guess the most difficult decision will be how large to go. Some images can overpower a room if you go too large, but in this case I think the larger the better.  If you have the budget, buy the largest size.  I don't think you will be disappointed.  As you know my work is covered by the usual guarantees and I only have one standard - excellent.   I would be interested to know what you think of this image. Let me know in the comments. 


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