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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Only 12 Megapixels?

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Only 12 Megapixels?

  In recent weeks there have been so many rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra that many of these rumors are now being taken as fact by some commentators. A steady stream of leaks have been happening on an almost daily basis. Some speculate that they are being leaked by Samsung themselves in order...
Fish Seller

Fish Seller

  A street vender prepares his fish for the day. As I wondered through the back streets of Bangkok I was amazed by the amount of street sellers. You can buy just about anything, if you know where to go. I suspect this is how the majority of people in...
A Scene From A Gallery

A Scene From A Gallery

Three women captivated by their mobile phones as others enjoy the artwork around them.


Photography is my passion. I pursue my chosen art form to bring you imagery from close to home and around the world.




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