Aquae Sulis - Paddle Out For Whales

A lone child, standing as still as a rock can be seen amidst the moving people and water around him. This image was exposed over 13 seconds and was captured at the annual Paddle Out For Whales held in Hervey Bay, Queensland. To me, the etherial nature of the image perfectly captures the magic of childhood and the beauty of the world around us, if we only stop for a moment and take time to look.

Aquae Sulis - Framed Print

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Aquae Sulis - Acrylic Print

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Aquae Sulis - Metal Print

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Aquae Sulis - Canvas Print

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Aquae Sulis - Wood Print

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Aquae Sulis - Art Print

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Aquae Sulis - Phone Case

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Aquae Sulis - Greeting Card

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