Michael Lees Photography Ships WorldwideI produce a wide range of beautiful products for people all over the world. In order to keep shipping costs to a minimum and speed up delivery, I try to have each item made a close as possible to where you order it. For most people this works out great, but sometimes you may find that your shipping costs work out more than you expect.  

This is because, not every item can be made at a location near you. I require the quality of products to be very high and only a few locations can produce items to the standard I require. 

For example if you live in Australia and order a framed print, your shipping costs are very reasonable. However, if you order an Acrylic Print you may find the shipping costs higher.  This is because the Framed Print will be shipped from Australia while the Acrylic Print will ship from the USA.  Of course, If you live in the USA, that won't be a problem. 

 Here is a table of products and where they ship from. 


Location Shipped From  Products shipped from this location
Australia Framed Prints, Prints, Canvas Prints, Phone Cases
USA Framed Prints, Metal Prints, Acrylic Prints, Phone Cases, Throw Pillows, Duvet Covers, Shower Curtains, Greeting Cards, Tote Bags, Weekender Tote Bags, Zip Pouches, T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs, Battery Chargers, Yoga Mats, Fleece Blankets, Beach Towels, Round Beach Towels, Bath Towels
Canada Framed Prints, Prints
United Kingdom Metal Prints, Prints, Phone Cases, Greeting Cards 

Framed Prints, Prints




To be clear, no matter what product you would like to order, and where you are in the world, I can ship it to you. I just wanted to make you aware that the shipping price will be dependent on a combination of your location and where the product is produced. 

If you want to reduce shipping costs as much as possible order a product that is made near to your location. 


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