Beautiful Framed Canvas Prints

Thank you for taking the time to visit my home on the internet. I take photographs because it allows me to slow down and see the beauty that exists in just about everything. Sometimes in our hectic world, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees. I hope that I can impart the love I have for the people and places I have had the pleasure to visit.

Each our my framed canvas prints will be shipped at my expense. You only pay for the framed print. I am so confident you will love your purchase that I also cover all of my framed prints with an amazing 70 YEAR UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE. Just let me know what the problem is and I will endeavor to fix it or give you a refund.

So you can be assured that your print will look as good in decades to come, as it does today.

Our own fairy tails - Canvas print by Michael Lees
Tho Quat Co - Floating Framed Canvas Print by Michael Lees


Photographic visions from the camera of Michael Lees


My name is Michael Lees and I am an English-born photographer, based on the east coast of Queensland, in the small town of Hervey Bay.

I have had a camera since I was a young boy. Having received many awards for my work and I am best known for my landscape and travel photography.

I put my heart and soul into making beautiful photographic wall art for my clients. I am so glad you have found my site and have the opportunity to look at my work. There is beauty everywhere. It is my job to help you see it.

Close-up of framed canvas prints by Michael Lees

Delux Archival Canvas Prints

With an emphasis on quality, the high-end canvas prints from Michael Lees simply can’t be beaten.

After being printed using archival inks and laminated to protect against UV, the 450gsm cotton canvases are hand-stretched over a double profile hardwood frame.

Each print comes ready to hang with professional-grade hanging attachments.

The quality of these prints can’t be overstated. You only need to turn the canvas around and look at the back to see how the prints differ from most. The frame is solid and has a gravitas to it.

Most canvas frames are susceptible to warping due to their flimsy pine wood construction. That simply won’t happen with our framed canvas prints. In fact, we are so confident that they will last a lifetime that they come with an unconditional 75-year guarantee.

New Work

Take a look at these recently released canvas prints. Remember each one comes with an unconditional 75-year guarantee, so you can be confident your chosen image will look stunning for decades to come.

Photographic wall art by Michael Lees

Make your walls something special.

There is just something magical about the printed image. In these days of fast-moving technology, where everyone has a camera, many have forgotten that it is the combination of the photographer’s vision and the physical medium of the inks and substrate that produce something that can’t be equaled by a screen.

Your walls set the tone for your home. A bare wall leaves a stark and cold impression. A beautiful canvas print, however, can add warmth and depth, and create a space you can be proud to call home.

A beautiful framed canvas print will turn your house into a home and is sure to draw the attention of visitors and guests.

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